Why travel?

Travel always fascinates me even when I was a child as it gives me that burning curiosity of how the other people on the other side of the world live. As someone who is originally come from Asia, I have this attraction about travelling all over Europe, seeing as many different cities as I can with steel and glass sky high scrapers, drinking or eating cakes at the patisserie down the quiet alley and spending quiet time watching passers-by.

Europe also has loads of castles and historical ruins dotted in almost every part of the country. I always envisioned how castles should look in real life based on the pages of the book that I read, imagining its grandeur walls and intricate ceilings, red carpeted threshold and elaborate staircases, dining halls with massive fireplaces and a floor so wide it could accommodate hundreds of guest.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Travelling also gives me the opportunity to appreciate more about being with nature. The vast open spaces of lush rolling hills, towering trees with that kaleidoscope of beautiful colours depending on the season, the misty and cloud shrouded mountains which makes me wonder how long would it take me to hike to the very top,

the turquoise lakes and glistening seas, and all those formidable old churches and cathedrals beckoning me to go, heed out towards that door to walk in the sunshine or in the rain.

Now that I currently live in Europe for many years my curiosity piqued to explore and travel more often. Living in this rich and beautiful continent also has many advantages. One of these is that getting to one country is so much easier and cheaper. I can easily go and hop on to the next train, which means by lunchtime I am dining and drinking at my dream destination (imagine a night in the city of lights Paris or the lush Bavarian Alps).

My family mostly use the Eurotunnel when we travel. We take with us our car and then drive through Calais. We tried all forms of transport by air and by land but the Eurotunnel route proved to be very convenient and efficient with only 30 minutes on the train to France.  We also like the idea of not having to check in our luggage as opposed to using airlines and being at the airport 2 hours before the flight. I remembered the first time we use this route; it was kind of weird driving on the right hand side as opposed to the left side road driving in Britain; however, after we got the hang of driving that side, the drive through the French motorways and country road came so easy.

I earnestly hope that I can see most of Europe before venturing on seeing and exploring another continent. There are still so many places that I wish to go and visit in this lifetime.

The Gallivanting Family xxx

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Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm Kim, mum of two wonderful boys. We are a family who loves to explore and discover new places. I created this blog to help other families get some ideas and tips to travel the world as a family. I know travelling can be hard sometimes especially when the kids are still very young but there is no better way to see the beauty of our world than being with our love ones; whether it is exploring a new city, hiking a mountain, or watching the beautiful sunrise.

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